Richard & Annette Henderson, Eccles WV

“Not only did we have a custom home built, but we had a well-made custom home built. This was made possible by Chad, Brad, Cindy and Jan. I must say that it was fun and exciting to see the pictures of the construction from the beginning to the end. I would highly recommend Gust Construction to anyone that wanted to build a custom built home. The expertise from the office and of course Brad, who knew where every light and switch needed to go, was outstanding.

Richie said that he had always heard that when your house was completed, if you could talk with your contractor as a friend, then that was a good thing. We feel like we made good friends with Chad, Brad, Cindy and Jan. We could do it all over again with Gust Construction.”

Gust Construction LLC
379 Highway 25E
Bean Station
TN, 37708
(865) 993-1222

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